Alesia Chernikova

PhD Student
Northeastern University
Khoury College of Computer and Information Science
Email : chernikova.a@husky.neu.edu

I am a second year Computer Science PhD student advised by Prof. Alina Oprea. My main research topic is adversarial machine learning. Currently I am studying the effect of adversarial attacks against deep neural networks in cyber security and self-driving cars domains. I am part of the Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute at Northeastern and I am also a member of the Network and Distributed Systems Security Lab (NDS2).

Before joining Northeastern I received my BS degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Belarusian State University (BSU), where I was affiliated with Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis Department. My research focus included design of hedging algorithms based on derivative contracts. Additionally, I was a part of Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology Problems, where I participated in project for credit rankings estimation and evaluation of national enterprises using mathematical, statistical, econometric methods and models.